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Ever wonder what to do in Bali? The thrill seekers all come to The Bungy Company / The Bungy Co to try their hand at a bungy jump. Jump off our 45 m high tower using the bungy cord and have a scream of a jump! You can do a regular jump with the bungy cord around your ankles. This is the most classical bungy jump we do. But for extra fun you can choose to do your jump with a water dip – we adjust the bungy cord so you get a lovely dip in the pool when you bounce! How is that for service in the tropical Bali climate! You can also choose to jump using the harness – this way you can run straight for the jump platform, jump over the edge feet first and scream from thrill all the way down! Our experienced bungy operators have worked with us for many years. Indeed our owner Jonni Morrison-Deaker has worked with the AJ Hackett organization for 20 years and is one of the most experienced bungy jump operators in the world. We make sure you have a safe jump. All our equipment is well maintained and our processes ensure you have safe fun here in Bali at The Bungy Company! Another option for your bungy or bungee jump is a tandem jump. A double bungy cord gets tied to you and your partner or friend by the ankles, hen all you need to do is grab each other’s hands or hold each other tight and off you go! The 45 m bungee jump is bound to give you the ultimate thrill – where else in Bali do you get thrown off a 45 m high platform to safely fly through the air with your best mate – or your soul mate? But it does not stop there – you can even dress up as your favourite super hero or other character and do a costume bungy jump. If you like the idea of flying through the air far above Bali how about doing it dressed as Superman or Santa Claus? Or you can sit on a BMX bike, both of you attached safely to the bungy cord. Just fly off the kicker ramp, flip, rotate and SCREAM! Some say this is the most hardcore bungy jump available. You will be wearing a harness and a helmet for this bungee jump so safety is paramount for us. Not fast enough? Try the Moto Madness jump package! Four bungy jumps: Regular jump, Harness jump, BMX jump and the Moto Madness jump. This bungy jump is unique to Bali and will blow your mind! Rev the bike hard, fly off the ramp and face the ultimate bungy experience available. Still not thrilling enough? In Bali, The Bungy Company even offers the Fireball jump. Clad in a leather suit over fireproof underwear you will be sparked up and off you go. This bungee jump obviously includes deep-water dip! Whatever jump package you choose, The Bungy Company deliver the most fun and the best bungy thrills in Bali. We offer you the opportunity to buy photos and DVD of your jumps. Our high quality digital systems give you crystal clear professional quality images and footage. This is the ultimate way for you to share your adventures with friends and family when you get home. Your photos and DVD will be ready for viewing straight after the jump and we offer value-pack combos for purchase. This combined with our central location ensures that we give you the most thrilling adventure Bali can offer. Come to The Bungy Company for your bungy jump when you get to Bali!

The Bungy Company was founded by New Zealander Jonni Morrison–Deaker. Jonni, a pioneer and 22 year veteran of the bungy industry, has jumped from and operated sites around the world. Jonni’s vision for The Bungy Company is to bring Bungy jumping to newer, more adrenalin packed levels offering signature jumps that can only found at The Bungy Company, such as the Moto Madness scooter jump and the Fire Ball jump. The Bungy Company is continuously developing new products to remain the most exciting adventure brand on the globe.

The Bungy Company 

Jalan Sunset - Utara
Seminyak, Kuta
Bali, Indonesia